In Christ for Community.

In Community for Christ.


It is our vision to reach our neighbors for Christ and to help them grow with us in their faith.  For twenty-three decades, the First Baptist Church of Erwin has helped its community through various outreach efforts, the establishment of community churches and missions, and the preaching and teaching of God's Holy Word.  Only when we come together and work as a body with one purpose may the Lord's work be done.  It is therefore that we continue to open our doors to members of the community and hope that our lights may shine in a way that inspires others to come to know Christ.

From our Missional Statement of 2003:

The purpose of this church shall be that which is the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ:  the public worship of God, the proclamation of the gospel, the development of Christian character, ministering to the deepest needs of the community, the state, the nation, and the world, through Christian education, action, missionary endeavor, and personal witness.