Terry Olson


Pastor Search Committee

Terry Olson

Terry Olson is Secretary of the Pastor Search Committee at First Baptist and serves as the Committee's communications liaison to the congregation.  Terry is a committed member who shares her time with ministries such as the Prayer Team, Apple Festival Water Ministry, and Operation Christmas Child.  Terry is a talented facilitator who is able to connect members with meaningful ministry opportunities.  Terry and chairwoman Logan Engle continue in the long tradition of women who have served and led our church.


Plan your visit to meet Terry and the rest of your neighbors at First Baptist!




The members of the Senior Pastor Search Committee are:


Logan Engle, Chairwoman

Lynn Erwin (in memoriam)

Paul Farnor

Terry Olson, Secretary
Rob Stromberg




To connect with members of the Pastor Search Committee, e-mail us at erwinfirstsearch@gmail.com.



Telephone 423/743-9156

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