Teenagers are at a crucial stage of life.  Between the physical and emotional changes associated with this significant time of life, challenges at school or home, and the decisions associated with college or careers, there is a lot to sort through!


Keeping these factors in mind, we offer a variety of resources for those in the middle grades and senior high schoolers:

Sunday Morning Study Groups – 9:45a
Sunday School classes are provided for youth who attend either junior (grades 7-9) or senior (grades 10-12) high school.  The curriculum reinforces the Biblical foundation laid by church teaching in the early years, while still providing a clear point-of-entry for those who may be new to the church.

Wednesday Evenings – 6:30p

Further, the church offers a youth group which meets for Bible teaching, singing, games, prayer, accountability, and fellowship.


First Baptist also offers discipling with members of the church, an annual retreat to study the Bible more intensively and interact with other area Baptist youth, ample opportunities to put faith into action through community service, as well as a monthly time of fun and fellowship.