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Since 1822, Erwin's First Baptist Church has been a place to gather, share, rejoice, mourn, celebrate, and learn.  As we celebrate our bicentennial, we commemorate our history and hope to look to the past as a reminder for the future – may the Holy Spirit always guide our work and may our work always be pleasing unto God Almighty. Our God-given mission is to reach others in Christ's name, hence our mission statement:  "In Christ for Community; In Community for Christ."  In a church where each brother and sister is a minister, every day is an opportunity to share Good News.  Our building is beautiful, but we know that God has blessed our people with the skills and abilities to serve as lights in the world around us.  No matter our address, Erwin's First Baptist Church will always seek God's will first and will minister to the "least of these," even when ministry is uncomfortable or difficult.

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